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So yes, the coveted Oreo Mud Shake. I’ve been threatening to put up the recipe for a while, and here it is.


1. Dark Chocolate 2 bars

2. Butter 2 tsp

3. Milk 3 glasses

4. Oreos 1 packet

5. Brown sugar 2 tsp


1. Heat butter in a pan. Break dark chocolate into smaller blocks and put the chocolate in the pan with the melted butter. Put 2 tsp sugar, preferably brown. Stir stir stir. Keep aside.

2. Put milk in the mixer, pour the dark chocolate and half the packet of oreos in it and mixxxxx  mix. Don’t mix it for too long.

3. Pour in glasses-it’ll have a thick mud like consistency. Also, I don’t care for extra sugar here, but it depends on taste. On top of the shake, crumble some oreo. Yum.

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